Delivering High-Tech Innovations For Productivity and Profitability



  •  3D Scanning 
  • Rapid Prototyping  
  • Reverse Engineering  
  • Design and Development

1                                                                Technology Sectors

TopTek has involved in diversified technologies with strong grip of knowledge, competence and technological know how keeping an eye on the advancements in the existing techniques and always searching innovative solution. A team of professionals is reserved for each technology to serve the industries in more productive manner and putting our partners on top with top-teknologies.


We always ready to adopt the best available in the International market and to deliver the more productive and cost effective solution in the domestic industries.


Below are the sectors of technologies TopTek has involved in:


3D Metrology  


·         3D White Light Scanning System - Imetric  

·         Post Processing - Rapidform XOS scan  

·         Scan Data to Parametric Cad Modeling - Rapidform XOR Redesign  

·         Q uality Control and Inspection Software - Rapidform XOV verifier 

Rapid Prototyping 


·         3D Printing 

·         Laser Sintering 

Sheet Metal Processing 


·         Cutting 

o    Laser Cutting 

o    Plasma Cutting 

o    Water Jet Cutting 

·         Bending 

o    Sheet Bending 

o    Profile Bendin 

o    Pipe Bending 

·         Joining 

o    Welding and Cutting

o    Bolting 

o    Riveting 

CNC Machining 


·         Machining Centers 

·         Turning