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 Product Descriptions


Points + Polygons + NURBS Curve/Surface


With the same powerful tools for point cloud, mesh and surface editing found in XOR, Rapidform XOS is the ideal solution when youdon’t needa parametric solid model.

  • Best-in-class point cloud & mesh editing 
  • One button automatic NURBS surfacing 
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner 
  • Advanced hole-filling, smoothing and mesh optimization tools


Rapidform ® XOS lets you turn raw 3D scan data into high quality, watertight polygon meshes and NURBS surface models. It features liveScan technology for real-time data capture with popular 3D scanners, multi-scan alignment, mesh optimization, and automatic NURBS surface creation. It is the ideal tool for processing 3D scan data for 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and non-mechanical reverse engineering including medical, anthropological and archeological applications. With Rapidform XOS, you can:


lCollect data in real time with a liveScan enabled 3D scanner

lImport point clouds or meshes from any scanner or other source

lConvert raw scans into high quality polygon mesh models

o    4 step Mesh Buildup Wizard for automated point cloud  à optimized mesh processing

lReduce polygon mesh file size without losing accuracy

lCreate NURBS surface models for use in CAD/CAM and other downstream applications

o     Auto-surfacing: Complete surface models in two clicks

o     Interactive surfacing: Professional level curve & surface modeling for demanding applications


Additional information is available online at



Points + Polygons + NURBS + Parametric CAD Solids/Surfaces


Rapidform XOR is the only reverse engineering software that combines CAD with 3D scandata processing so you can create parametric, editable solid models .


  • The fastest path to CAD 
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner 
  • Generates history-based CAD models with feature trees 
  • Convert to your preferred file format, including SolidWorks, Pro/E, NX, AutoCAD, CATIA and others

Rapidform ® XOR is an advanced solid and surface modeling system for creating parametric CAD models from 3D scan data. It creates fully editable solid & surface models directly from 3D scan data, which can be opened in SolidWorks 2006+, UG NX 4+ and Pro/E Wildfire 3.0+ with modeling history and intelligent features intact. Rapidform XOR also includes all functionality found in Rapidform XOS. It is the ideal tool for mechanical reverse

engineering applications, especially when you need editable models based on the design intent of the part, not just the geometry. Rapidform XOR adds the following capabilities in addition to  XOS:


l Automatically extract the original design intent of a scanned part (patent-pending Redesign Assistant™)

o     Extrude, revolve, loft & sweep to make CAD models, using scan data as a template

o     Fillet & chamfer with automatic radius/angle calculation

l Create CAD solids and surfaces directly from polygon meshes or point clouds

l Create 2D & 3D sketches from scan data automatically

l Create loft surfaces with 2 step Loft Wizard™ (patent-pending )

l Build complete feature trees with modeling history

l Monitor accuracy of CAD to scan in real time while modeling (patent-pending Accuracy Analyzer™)

l Transfer parametric models, with feature trees, into:

o     SolidWorks (2006+, any edition)

o     UG NX (4+)

o     Pro/Engineer Wildfire (3.0+)

o    After transfer, data from XOR behaves the same as native models in each software

l Output to CATIA, Inventor, SolidEdge and other applications via Parasolid, IGES, STEP, STL, etc.


Additional information is available online at




Professional Metrology-level Inspection


XOV combines in-depth inspection functionality with highly accurate algorithms certified and tested by leading metrology labs. And it reads native files from Siemens NX, CATIA V5 and Pro/ENGINEER, including dimensions, tolerances and datums.

  •  Accurate, automated part inspection 
  • Compatible with any 3D scanner 
  • Has the tools to handle even the toughest jobs — alignment, deviation analysis, GD 
  • Native support for every popular CAD file format 



Rapidform ® XOV offers CAD deviation analysis and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) of 3D scanned parts. XOV automatically inspects highly detailed parts with no custom code writing or macros. It has been verified to perform the most accurate & repeatable alignments of any 3D scanning inspection software, and is certified by the German PTB and has been tested by American NIST and the British NPL. It is suited for professional metrology-level inspection applications, with a rich feature set to inspect any part from any CAD software. With Rapidform XOV, you can:


l Collect data in real time with a liveScan enabled 3D scanner

l Run real-time inspection routines as you scan using liveInspect

l Import point clouds or meshes from any scanner or other source

l Import CAD models from any CAD software

o     Native file import available for SolidWorks, UG NX, Pro/E and CATIA V5 with GD&T and PMI

l Automatically define reference geometries on CAD and scan data

l Align scan data to CAD data using a variety of proven alignment methods

l Compare CAD and scan (or scan and scan) with color maps

l Measure GD&T (Extensive GD&T support based on ANSI Y14.5B 1994 standards)

l Perform specialized measurements like gap & flush and turbine blade analysis

l Generate detailed inspection reports automatically

l Generate trend analysis reports for multiple parts

l Repeat any inspection without writing macro code (100% automatic inspection with class-leading repeatability)


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