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1                                                    Products--GEO Instrument

GEO Instrument

GEO Instrument provides solutions that deal with quantities. Regardless whether the information is taken from paper drawing or from a digital source, we visualize it.

  • Plug and play GEO:LAT digitizer
  • Import of dxf, dwg, dwf, pdf and others
  • Sophisticated measuring window
  • Customizable take-off sheet
  • Detailed report including filtering and summarisation
  • Advanced Presentation tool

GEO Quantity Information System is developed by an international team of specialists dedicated to achieve more with less.


GEOiD     is a bespoke software to perform take-offs from paper and digital drawings. Practical measuring and editing tools lay within the palm of your hand. Featuring advanced report tools, export of quantities, filtering techniques and great presentations.

Regardless whether you work from blue prints or digital drawings, GEOiD does it for you too.

In addition to all the standard tools in GEOiD-Traditional, functions are opened to you to import bmp. jpeg, DXF, DWF, DWG, PDF or PLT files.

Use your mouse to quickly take-off what you need. Apply the trace contour function to speed up work.

GEOiD is the only professional tool you need to do the job, meaning you can fully focus on the essentials which is not only to your benefit but also to that of your principal.

SEQPRO for short is an add-on to the GEOiD software dedicated to the automated composition of ceiling and floor lay-out's. Its user-friendly interface helps users to make quick but professional lay-outs.

SEQPRO users incorporate materials in so called recipes to speed up work. These building blocks are simply customisable by user.

Applying recipes for all types of system ceilings in one or multiple rooms is reduced to one click, where as the re-use of left-over's can be automated or executed manually. The detailed bill of quantities can be exported for prizing etc. The same methods apply for flooring of example carpet and tiles.

The entire process of ceiling and floor lay-outs is graphically supported. Each graphical element is dynamically linked to its alphanumeric element in the bill of quantities.


  • Simple to use
  • Detailed graphical and alphanumeric reports
  • Seamless integration with GEOiD and export to MS Excel or other Windows software

GEO:LAT® is portable input device for fast and extremely accurate take-offs. Available active measuring areas 120 x 90 cm (AØ) and 150 x 100 cm.

It is extremely accurate and it needs no specific surface to work on.

  • Dimensions 66x18x6 cm
  • Weight 4.3 kg
  • Voltage 220 V
  • RS232 interface cable *), power supply and stylus included
  • 4-button cursor optional

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